Day: 25 June 2015

Throwing Sticks While the Diabolos is on the String

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The most important thing in this kind of tricks is that we release the stick and then “throw” the Diabolo at the same time (for example when we do a suicide).

With this kind of notation we can write suicides, genocides, etc..

I will write some siteswap examples here but it is very difficult to do a good representation of the string trajectories on the JugglingLab Simulator. You can see some video examples after the gif animations sto understand it better.


1D One side Suicide Siteswap . [3F4]20 [32]22


1D Sucide Changing Sticks siteswap . [3F3]12 [32]22 is a project that reflects on the existence of human beings and their environment through a language of their own circus. is a parallel project that investigates in depth the juggling universe by finding new forms and theories.

Diabolo siteswap is an adaptation of Vanilla Siteswap for Diablo. Useful notation to find a way to describe most of the tricks we do while we paly diabolo