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3 Diabolos Asynch

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3D Low Asynch Siteswap . 15F
3D Low Asynch Siteswap . 33F
3D Low Asynch Siteswap . 51F
3D Low-High Asynch Siteswap . 7005F
3D High Asynch Siteswap . 93F00
3D High Asynch Siteswap . b001F

3 Diabolos State Transitions [stairs]

3D Transitions Asynch for the SitesWap

look to the Diabolo Transitions Cards

Other Trikcs

3D Feed the Sun Sitewswap. 5223F
3D “42” Sitewswap. 53F13F
3D Low minicolums Sitewswap. 4440 is a project that reflects on the existence of human beings and their environment through a language of their own circus. is a parallel project that investigates in depth the juggling universe by finding new forms and theories.

Diabolo siteswap is an adaptation of Vanilla Siteswap for Diablo. Useful notation to find a way to describe most of the tricks we do while we paly diabolo