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A platform designed with juggling enthusiasts in mind, providing an easy and organized way to keep track of your favorite tricks and ideas. This user-friendly interface allows you to sort and categorize your juggling research, making it simple to retrieve whenever you need it.

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I mostly juggle diabolos that can be seen as mixed props like diabolo, sticks & string. But I also somedays juggle with balls or clubs and rarely juggle with rings. This Props category ensures you can organize your figures without any hassle.

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In my juggling journey, it’s all about finding balance, mastering the bounce, and diving into the intricacies of contact, genocide, grind, and orbits. Our Actions category mirrors this variety, offering a straightforward compilation that includes actions like stalt, start, stop, orbits, grind, and whip. Get lost on your juggling maneuvers but keep them all neatly organized for your convenience.

Body & Space Breakdown

Let’s get granular in the world of juggling, focusing on bodythrows and space-related movements. Here, you can neatly organize your figures, categorizing them based on body parts such as backcross, lazy, over the head, under the arm or explore other spatial dynamics. Revisit the juggling moves you record the most to understand what defines your style.